COST - List of Posters

Bergmann, Myriam
Multivalent glycopeptide dendrimers as potent inhibitors of pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms
Böcker, Sophia
Fluorescent SNAP-tag galectin-3 fusion protein as a novel tool in glycobiology
Filipe, Luis C. S.
Peptide dendrimers conformational determinants: insights from molecular dynamics simulations
Francesconi, Oscar
Molecular recognition of carbohydrates: a comparison of binding efficacy between pyrrole and pyridine as H-bonding groups for saccharidic hydroxils
Hartjes, Garcia
Getting One-on-One with Cholera Toxin: Pentavalent Ganglioside Calixarenes
Heyl, Dirk
Glyco-conjugated acetylenedicarboxamides: promising tools for glyco-decoration of nanocubes and other scaffolds
Kim, Seonghun
Development of an engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain for production of a Man9GlcNAc2 glycan and glycosylated fluorescent protein substrates for glycosidase and glycosyltranferase activity assays
Kona, Juraj
How to improve predictive accuracy of a QSAR model for the design of inhibitors of sugar processing enzymes with transition metal ion co-factors
Křenek, Karel
Reevaluation of binding properties of recombinant lymphocyte receptors NKR-P1A and CD69 to saccharides and peptide ligand
La Ferla, Barbara
Glycomimetics conjugated nanoparticles: tools and diagnostic-therapeutic agents
Lange, Bastian
En route to keratan sulfate like glycan structures – Characterization of novel 6-O-sulfated GlcNAc analogues as acceptors for human β1,4-galactosyltransferase-I
Long, Mark
Synthesis of 13C labelled Lewis b hexasaccharides for NMR-binding studies
Marzaioli, Alberto Maria
Preparation of glycoconjugates having oligosaccharide moiety from bacterial source
McCabe, Orla
Investigations into the Binding Specificity of a Fucose-recognising Aspergillus Lectin
Michaud, Gaëlle
Synthesis of fluorescently labelled peptides to study the mechanism of a bacterial oligosaccharyltransferase
Nelligan, Liam M.
Synthesis of human milk oligosaccharides for NMR studies
O'Sullivan, Shane
Towards the synthesis of glycoclusters based on α-glcnac as anti-infective agents
Orts-Gil, Guillermo
Sweet Nano: nanoparticle-carbohydrate conjugates for the elucidation of sugar mediated biological interactions
Palmioli, Alessandro
Selective targeting of C-type Lectin receptors with multivalent glycomimetic antagonists
Rahkila, Jani
Immunostimulatory oligovalent β-(1→2)-mannosides: Synthetic studies on the linker length
Renaudet, Olivier
Extending the scope of oxime ligation: synthesis of large cyclopeptide-based glycodendrimers and binding assays with lectins
Risquez-Cuadro, Rocio
Multivalent sp2-iminosugars as glycosidase inhibitors and lectin ligands
Rosencrantz, Ruben R.
Controlling multivalent glycan presentation - immobilized glycoconjugate brushes on silica surfaces
Spiwok, Vojtěch
Prediction of puckering equilibria in pyranose sugars using metadynamics
Thomsen, L. B.
Uptake and transport of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles through human brain capillary endothelial cells
Wu, Chung-Yi
Carbohydrate-Based Vaccines for Breast Cancer