CBM 10 - List of Posters

Aachmann, Finn L.
Insights into the structural-functional aspects of a lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase by NMR spectroscopy
Abdel-Jalil, Raid J.
Asymmetric synthesis of heterocycles using carbohydrate scaffolds
Ahmad Ali, Ahmad
Structural and functional studies of Glycoside Hydrolase 39 from Bacteroides sp WH2
Albertin, Luca
(1-4)-α-L-Guluronan in the design and synthesis of biohybrid glycopolymers and chimeric polysaccharides capable of ionotropic gelation
Andersen, Susan
Biochemical characterisation of a GH62 α-L-arabinofuranosidase from Aspergillus nidulans
Ara, Kazi Zubaida Gulshan
The GH3 family in Rhodothermus marinus: biochemical and structural characterization
Arreola, Sheryl L.
Enzymatic synthesis of prebiotic galacto-and hetero-oligosaccharides by β-galactosidase (β-gal II) from an infant isolate of Bifidobacterium breve
Ateş, Özlem
Metabolic network analysis of Halomonas smyrnensis AAD6T elucidates the stimulatory effect of mannitol on levan
Bayer, Sally
Natural biodiversity and cluster screening – fast access to high-performance enzyme for industrial use
Berrin, Jean-Guy
Structural and biochemical analyses of Podospora anserina GH5 and GH26-CBM35 β-(1,4)-mannanases reveal differences upon manno-oligosaccharides catalysis
Bissaro, Bastien
Investigating the transglycosylation mechanism of an α-L-arabinofuranosidase for pentose-based oligosaccharides synthesis
Blesák, Karol
On a distant evolutionary relatedness between CAZy families GH57 and GH38
Böcker, Sophia
Fluorescent SNAP-tag galectin-3 fusion protein as a novel tool in glycobiology
Bovin, Nicolai
Carbohydrate engineering on membrane of living cells
Bras, Joana
Novel clostridium thermocellum type I cohesin-dockerin complexes reveal a single binding mode
Bule, Pedro
Identification and structural characterization of novel cohesin-dockerin complexes from the Ruminococcus flavefaciens cellulosome
Busico, Teresa
Design and development of novel hyaluronan based complexes and their characterization
Cabezas, Yari
Synthesis of a Leishmania disaccharide: enzymatic and chemical approaches using partially protected monosaccharides
Cachatra, Vasco
Synthetic studies on precursors of nucleosides with application in neurodegenerative diseases
Calimlioglu, Beste
A novel levansucrase purified from halophilic bacteria halomonas smyrnensis AAD6T
Cameron, Kate
Structural and functional characterization of Acetivibrio cellulolyticus type I ScaC cohesin in complex with ScaB dockerin
Cobucci-Ponzano, Beatrice
Pharmacological enhancement of lysosomal α-glucosidase by novel allosteric chaperones
Compostella, Federica
Synthesis and molecular dynamic simulations of a Vi antigen sulfated analogue
Coskunkan, Binnaz
Conformational analysis of polysaccharides with molecular dynamics simulations
Cuskin, Fiona
Combining non-specific fructosidases and non-specific fructan binding proteins confers enzymatic specificity for branched polysaccharides
Čížová, Alžbeta
Multivalent glycoconjugates for subcellular vaccines – model study
Delbarre, Christine
Biosynthesis of an exopolysaccharide by Vibrio diabolicus
Delbarre, Christine
Marine bacterial polysaccharides as glycoaminoglycan-mimetics
Demo, Gabriel
Protein engineering of β-D-mannosidase
Dey, Satyahari
Bioactive extracellular polysaccharide from a psychrotrophic
di Lauro, Irene
Quantification by capillary electrophoresis of UDP-sugar precursors in Escherichia coli strains producing GAG-like polysaccharides
Dias, Catarina
An efficient synthetic route towards new 2-deoxy glycosides and their thio analogues targeting ageing and infectious diseases
Djikhuizen, Lubbert
GTFB provides an evolutionary link between enzyme families GH13 and GH70
Dobruchowska, Justyna
Characterization of products obtained by in vitro incubation of laminari-oligosaccharides with a novel recombinant β-glucanosyltransferase from the proteobacterium Bradyrhizobium japonicum
Eide, Kristine
Thermodynamic analysis of allosamidin binding to the human chitotriosidase
Eijsink, Vincent
Structural and functional analysis of the Enterococcus faecalis CBM33-type LPMO
Eom, Joon H.
Establishment of standardized glycosylation analysis methods for recombinant DNA products, Infliximab and Trastuzumab
Falck, Peter
Family 43 glycoside hydrolases from novel strains of lactic acid bacteria
Fernandes, Vania
High-throughput cloning, expression and purification of cellulosomal proteins from Ruminococcus flavefaciens
Fiala, Martin
Production and characterisation of novel eukaryotic GH 84 β-N-acetylglucosaminidase
Ficko-Blean, Elizabeth
Enzymes involved in the processing of coastal algal biomass
Fischl, Richard
Attempts to investigate mannuronan C5-epimerase from the brown alga Ectocarpus siliculosus
Fliedrová, Barbora
Production of Aspergillus niger β-mannosidase in Pichia pastoris
Francisco, Carles
Mutagenesis analysis of critical residues defining the active site of Mycoplasma genitalium glycosyltransferase MG517
Fridjonsson, Olafur
Prospecting extreme costal environments for carbohydrate enzymes and polysaccharides
Fujimoto, Zui
Crystal structure of GH66 cycloisomaltooligosaccharide glucanotransferase from Bacillus circulans T-3040
Funane, Kazumi
The novel GH31 enzyme of dextran glucanase that is the key enzyme for producing cyclodextran from starch
Gabrisko, Marek
Evolution of metazoan proteins from the family GH31
Goyal, Arun
Pectic substrate degrading family 1 Polysaccharide Lyase (CtPL1-CBM35) and its truncated derivative (CtPL1) from Clostridium thermocellum
Goyal, Arun
Molecular cloning, expression and biochemical characterization of family 8 polysaccharide lyase (PsPL8) enzyme from Pedobacter saltans (DSM 12145)
Goyal, Arun
A novel α-L-arabinofuranosidase of family 43 glycoside hydrolase (Ct43Araf) and associated carbohydrate binding modules from Clostridium thermocellum
Goyal, Arun
Cloning, expression and binding analysis of carbohydrate binding module family 6 (CtCBM6) from Clostridium thermocellum
Goyal, Arun
Conformational change upon ligand binding of a manno-configured substrate specific family 35 Carbohydrate Binding Module (CBM35) from Clostridium thermocellum
Grimaud, Florent
In vitro synthesis of hyperbranched α-glucans using a biomimetic enzymatic toolbox
Hahn, Przemyslaw
Biocatalysis as an alternative way in synthesis of glycosides
Hamre, Anne Grethe
Analysis of productive binding modes reveals differences between human chitinases
Hemsworth, Glyn
Structural analyses of Bacteroides ovatus xyloglucanases
Heyl, Dirk
Glyco-conjugated acetylenedicarboxamides: promising tools for glyco-decoration of nanocubes and other scaffolds
Hinz, Sandra
Functional analysis of the Myceliophthora thermophila C1 xylanase machinery
Hirvonen, Tia
Metabolic glycoengineering of mesenchymal stem cells with N-propanoyl-mannosamine
Hlat-Glembová, Katarína
Prediction and structural studies of active site of selected glycosyl hydrolases from Paenibacillus thiaminolyticus
Charavgi, Maria-Despoina
A glucuronoyl esterase from Myceliophthora thermophila and its multidisciplinary assessment as a potential biocatalyst
Choi, Hee-Don
Immunomidulatory effects of glycoprotein fraction from rice bran originated in glycans
Ichinose, Hitomi
Biochemical characterization and structural elucidation of the novel GH31 enzyme of dextran glucanase from Paenibacillus sp. 598K
Iliev, Iliya
Characterization of a recombinant levansucrase from Leuconostoc mesenteroides Lm17 strain
Intanon, Montira
Characterization of β-galactosidase (β-gal I) from Bifidobacterium breve DSM 20213 and the production of prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides
Ito, Tasuku
Crystal structure of lacto-N-biosidase from Bifidobacterium bifidum
Ivanova, Iskra
Synthesis of novel galacto-oligosaccharides from lactulose and β-galactosidases from Lactobacillus species
Izquierdo, Luis
Biosynthesis of GDP-fucose and other sugar nucleotides in the blood-stages of Plasmodium falciparum
Jackson, Adam
Degradation of corn bran arabinoxylan by the Clostridium thermocellum arabinoxylanase CtXyl5A
Janecek, Stefan
α-Amylase families GH57 and GH119 are closely related to each other, whereas family GH38 α-mannosidases is remotely related to both of them
Jiang, Zedong
Macrophage-stimulating activity of sulfated polysaccharide ascophyllan
Karnaouri, Anthi
A thermostable GH7 endoglucanase from Myceliophthora thermophila capable of high-consistency enzymatic liquefaction
Keys, Tim
Neutral drift of a polysialyltransferase yields enzymes with processive and distributive mechanisms
Kim, Seonghun
Recovery of xylose from hemicellulose extracted from the chemical pretreatment process of lignocellulosic biomass and its fermentation for xylitol production
Kim, Young-Wan
a-Thioglycoligase-based Synthesis of O-Aryl a-Glycosides
Kim, Young-Wan
Improvement of O-glycoligase activity of cyclodextrin glucanotransferase mutants using site-directed saturation mutagenesis
Kitel, Radoslaw
Anticancer activity of glycoconjugates of isoflavones against human colorectal cancer HCT 116 cells in vitro
Koutaniemi, Sanna
Xylanase supplementation during lignocellulose hydrolysis enhances glucose yield while reducing the need for total cellulase and protein loadings
Koutaniemi, Sanna
Importance of carbohydrate esterase family 16 acetyl esterases in xylan deacetylation and hydrolysis
Kralj, Slavko
Crystal structure of two CBM33 proteins from Bacillus species
Krejzová, Jana
NAG-Thiazoline and their derivatives as new β-N-acetylhexosaminidase inhibitors
Křenek, Karel
Reevaluation of binding properties of recombinant lymphocyte receptors NKR-P1A and CD69 to saccharides and peptide ligand
Kuchtová, Andrea
Bioinformatics analysis of family GH77 with focus on sequentially unique amylomaltases from borreliae
Kulcinskaja, Evelina
Characterization of a β-mannanase from Bifidobacterium adolescentis
Lammerts van Bueren, Alicia
Determining the contribution of solvent in protein-carbohydrate interactions by carbohydrate-binding modules: A combined structural, thermodynamic and volumetric approach
Lange, Bastian
En route to keratan sulfate like glycan structures – Characterization of novel 6-O-sulfated GlcNAc analogues as acceptors for human β1,4-galactosyltransferase-I
Laroche, Celine
Polysaccharides extraction: a challenge in biorefinery of microalgae
Larsbrink, Johan
Xyloglucan utilization in Cellvibrio japonicus
Larsson, Anna
Crystal structure and computational characterization of the lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase GH61D from the basidiomycota fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium
Lo Leggio, Leila
Structure of ScrB from Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM, a putative GH32 sucrose-6-phosphate hydrolase
Long, Mark
Synthesis of 13C labelled Lewis b hexasaccharides for NMR-binding studies
Loose, Jennifer S. M.
Site-directed mutagenesis gives new insights into the catalytic mechanism of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases
Lorentzen, Silje
Measuring enzyme processivity on insoluble substrates by HPLC
Lundemo, Pontus
Improved transferase/hydrolysis ratio through rational design of a family 1 β glucosidase from Thermotoga neapolitana
Mai-Gisondi, Galina
Fusion of a family 3 carbohydrate-binding module (CBM3) to an acetyl xylan esterase (AXE 1) increases AXE1 activity on acetylated cellulose
Majzlová, Katarína
In silico analysis of GH13 subfamilies containing the α-amylase specificity
Masgrau, Laura
Substrate vs. nucleophilically assisted catalysis in retaining glycosyltransferases. Insights from QM/MM calculations.
McKee, Lauren S.
Secretome analysis of Chitinophaga pinensis, an opportunistic degrader of plant cell walls
Mekasha, Sophanit
Saccharification of α-chitin using the chitinolytic machinery of Serratia marcescens
Michaud, Gaëlle
Synthesis of fluorescently labelled peptides to study the mechanism of a bacterial oligosaccharyltransferase
Miyazaki, Takatsugu
Conformational changes and substrate recognition of an uncharacterized glycosidase YgjK belonging to GH63 from Escherichia coli
Mollerup, Filip
Construction of galactose oxidase fusions containing a non-native carbohydrate-binding module, and characterization on polymeric substrates
Momma, Mitsuru
Crystal structure of the novel GH31 enzyme named dextran glucanase from Paenibacillus sp. 598K
Moracci, Marco
Identification and molecular characterization of the first archaeal exo-N-acetyl- β-glucosaminidase
Moravcová, Jitka
Synthesis of potential inhibitors of galactosyltransferases: introduction of fluorine into donor analogues
Møller, Marie S.
The crystal structure of a starch debranching enzyme in complex with a protein inhibitor reveals an extremely tight and novel mode of interaction
Naas, Adrian Ertsas
Genome reconstruction and saccharolytic prediction of uncultured phylotypes populating cellulolytic microbiomes
Nakai, Hiroyuki
Identification of Bacillus selenitireducens MLS10 maltose phosphorylase possessing synthetic ability for branched α-D-glucosyl trisaccharides
Nelligan, Liam M.
Synthesis of human milk oligosaccharides for NMR studies
Nielsen, Morten Munch
Characterisation of Barley granule-bound starch synthase: Probing waxy mutants in a Barley Callus model system
Nishimoto, Mamoru
Mutant galactokinase active on L-arabinose and D-galacturonic acid
Norberg, Anne Line
The effect of substrate binding on processive hydrolysis of chitin
Ohnuma, Takayuki
The first crystal structure of a family GH19 chitinase complexed with chitooligomer reveals the difference in the substrate binding mode between ‘looplful’ and‘loopless’ enzymes
Olsson, Kim
Homology model guided site-saturation mutagenesis on Stevia rebaudiana UDP-dependent glycosyltransferase UGT85C2.
Ondrušková, Nina
Identification of the first Czech patient with glycosylation disorder caused by mutations in phosphoglucomutase 1 gene
Orlova, Anna
Changes in solvent structure upon mixing
Oroszová, B.
Pd catalyzed synthesis of C-fucosylated Sialyl Lewis X
Ozer, Tugba
Metabolic systems analysis of Halomonas smyrnensis AAD6 for enhanced levan biosynthesis
Papa, Agata
Novel Hyaluronan scaffolds via diglycidyl ether crosslinking
Papaj, Katarzyna
Optimization of HPLC-ESI-MS/MS parameters for the analysis of genistein derivatives in media after in vitro test
Park, Ho-Young
Immunomodulating effects of glycoprotein fraction from rice bran on BALB/C mice
Perugino, Giuseppe
Widening and improving thermophilic glycosynthases in oligosaccharide synthesis
Pierre, Guillaume
The Enzyme Ring Test®, a new approach for the screening of polysaccharides cleavage enzymes
Pierre, Guillaume
Enzymatic degradation and bioactivity evaluation of oligoglycosaminoglycan mimetics produced from chitosan by TEMPO oxidation
Pijning, Tjaard
Combining crystallographic and SAXS data to investigate structure and flexibility of truncated and full-length glucansucrase GTF180 from Lactobacillus reuteri
Planas, Antoni
A screening assay independent of enzyme specificity for glycosynthase libraries. Insights into the glycosynthase mechanism.
Podvalnyy, Nikita
An easy access to selectively protected α-1-5-linked arabinofuranosides with 4-(2-chloroethoxy)phenyl aglycon suitable for the synthesis of neoglycoconjugates
Porras, Dominguez Jaime Ricardo
Sequential levansucrase and endolevanase reactions for the synthesis of β 2-6 fructooligosaccharides
Reddy, Sumitha
Phylogenetic analysis and finer substrate specificity of Aspergillus β-mannosidases
Richards, Sarah-Jane
Inhibition of bacterial toxins with multivalent glycopolymers
Riva, Sergio
Exploitaion of glycosidases for the selective modification of bioactive natural glycosides
Rogowski, Artur
Novel xylan active enzymes
Ropartz, David
Deciphering the structure of isomeric acidic oligosaccharides by IPR-UPLC and photo-dissociation in vacuum UV (VUVPD) and laser induce dissociation (LID) tandem mass spectrometry
Rosencrantz, Ruben R.
Controlling multivalent glycan presentation - immobilized glycoconjugate brushes on silica surfaces
Rosengren, Anna
Transglycosylation, substrate binding and structure of β-mannanases
Ruff, Mara
Metabolic Oligosaccharide Engineering as a Tool to Enhance Cell Adhesion on Titanium Implant Surfaces
Rusnati, Marco
Sulfated K5 Escherichia coli polysaccharide derivatives for the development of drugs at the crossroad of viral infection and oncogenesis
Rysakova, Kira
Chitin degradation by marine bacteria in the Barents Sea
Sandgren, Mats
Structural insights into the inhibition of Trichoderma reesei Cel7A by xylo-oligosaccharides
Seo, Dong-Ho
Enzymatic production of glucosyl glycerol by recombinant amylosucrase
Serra, Patrícia A.
Synthesis of alkyl 2-deoxyglycosides: potential application as antimicrobial agents in health and biosecurity domains
Shi, Qiao
Characterization of dextran and glucooligosaccharides produced by Weissella confusa Cab3 dextransucrase
Schmolzer, Katharina
Characterization of a multifunctional α2,3-sialyltransferase from Pasteurella dagmatis, carrying a natural Ser-to-Thr substitution
Siriwardena, Aloysius
Synthesis & biological activity of a library of functional “glyco”- foldamers
Stålbrand, Henrik
Fine tuned substrate specificity of β-mannoside hydrolases from marine, terrestrial and human environments
Stepper, Judith
Structure and activity of the Streptococcus pyogenes family GH1 6-phospho-β-glucosidase SPy1599
Strazzulli, Andrea
Efficient transgalactosylation is obtained by mutants in non-catalytic residues of the GH42 β-galactosidase from the thermophilic Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius
Strazzulli, Andrea
Identification of new thermophilic enzymatic activities for the biotransformation of plant biomasses
Svensson, Birte
Binding Interactions Between α-glucans from Lactobacillus reuteri and Milk Proteins Characterised by Surface Plasmon Resonance
Šimčíková, Daniela
α-L-Rhamnosidase – enzyme suitable for (de)glycosylation
te Poele, Evelien M.
Transglycosylation of small molecules by glucansucrases
Temple, Max Jonathan
The cellular location of GH76 endo-α-1,6 mannanases impacts upon their catalytic activity
Teze, David
Dynamic of conserved water molecules in family 1 glycoside hydrolases: an X-ray, DXMS and Molecular Dynamics study
Teze, David
Alkoxyamino glycoside acceptors for the regioselective synthesis of oligosaccharides using glycosynthases and transglycosidases
Teze, David
Semi rational approach to design new transglycosidases
Topakas, Evangelos
Enzymatic synthesis of novel esters recognized by glucuronoyl esterase from Myceliophthrora thermophila
Tranchimand, Sylvain
Eco-friendly biotechnological process for the synthesis of furanoconjugates
Umemoto, Naoyuki
N-acetylchitooligosyl-moranoline (GNnM), an inhibitor of two families of chitinolytic enzymes, GH22 lysozyme and GH19 chitinase
Uttapap, Dudsadee
Formation of spherulites from cassava starch
Valk, Vincent
Degradation of granular starches by Microbacterium Aurum B8.A amylase enzymes with cbm25 and fniii domains
Valmu, Leena
Diagnostic capability of human chorionic gonadotropin glycoforms
van Munster, Jolanda
Chitinases CtcB and CfcI modify the cell wall in sporulating aerial mycelium of Aspergillus niger
Varbanets, Liudmyla
α-L-Rhamnosidase of Cryptococcus albidus and Eupenicillium erubescens
Veličković, Dušan
MALDI imaging of cell walls polysaccharides in wheat grain endosperm
Venditto, Immacolata
The carbohydrate binding modules family 65 (CBM65) of endoglucanase Cel5A from Eubacterium cellulosolvens display specificity for xyloglucan
Verhaeghe, Tom
Mapping the active site of sucrose phosphorylase
Vetro, Maria
New anionic glycoglicerolipids targeting protein kinase B (Akt)
Viborg, Alexander
Determining the sub-specificities of GH42 β-galactosidases from probiotics
Villay, Aurore
Optimisation of Rhodella violacea culture for exopolysaccharide production
Vincent, Stephane
The inhibition of UDP-galactopyranose Mutase by UDP-galactofuranose analogues
von Schantz, Laura
Characterization of the substitution pattern of cellulose derivatives using carbohydrate binding modules
Vuillemin, Marlène
Enhanced soluble expression of an α-1,2 branching sucrase in Escherichia coli using a response surface methodology
Waegeman, Hendrik
Optimization of the production of chito-oligomers via bacterial fermentation
Wainman, Yelena
Imaging cell surface glycosylation in vivo using bioorthogonal ‘double-click’ chemistry
Wang, Lei
Strategies of heterologous expression of amyloenzyme genes obtained by targeted metagenomics
Watzlawick, Hildegard
Enhancing the production of α-galacto-oligosaccharides by Geobacillus stearothermophilus α-galactosidase AgaA mutants.
Wilbrink, Maarten
Enzymatic decoration of galacto-oligosaccharides with sialic acid
Wilkens, Casper
Mutational analysis of residues involved in binding of substrates in the active site and on the surface of a GH62 α-L-arabinofuranosidase from Aspergillus nidulans
Wright, Daniel W.
Structural studies of bacterial fucosidase inhibition
Wu, Chung-Yi
Carbohydrate-Based Vaccines for Breast Cancer
Yamabhai, Montarop
Effect of signal peptide on the expression, secretion, and activity of Bacillus chitosanase
Yamabhai, Montarop
Production of manno-oligosaccharides
Yasar Yildiz, Songul
Brevibacillus themoruber as a thermophilic cell factory for mannan production
Zemková, Zuzana
The structure and activity of the cell wall-modifying enzyme Xyloglucan endotransglycosylase from germinating nasturtium seeds (Tropaeolum majus)
Zhang, Jeff
Diverse roles of CBMs in potentiating mannan degradation
Zou, Yuanfeng
Polysaccharides with complement fixing ability from the medicinal tree Terminalia macroptera